Siān's Place
Gif animation 
Where we`re at (a map)
A Christmas card from 1996 
  Mostly Photos
Collection of colour family photo's
Kid`s Stuff b&w
Mountain Biking       Newish
  Raspberry Pi bits n bobs concerned with the little computer.
Digital Television info some information re On Digital
Telephone Preference list How to stop annoying sales calls
SCART wireing diagram
  Audio Clips
Audio clips nicked from the radio. Including Mark & Lard, two northern folk who make me laugh.
  Some odd snippets about this and that.
Links to Wales and the rest of the World
Sian's Diary
Sian swims for Children in need
One of Zoe's drawing
A tale about Westminster Cemetery
Oil Spill !
Short Films made by the students at UWC
My naff software projects

Statistics simulator for rolling a pair of dice  , or should that be die.
This ones a laugh, it draws different shaped houses !
I even managed to write a Dominoes game.
Microscope This set of pages demonstrates an applet I wrote to simulate a microscope, Wendy brought home some Web pages under construction at the National Museum of Wales and it gave me this Idea.